Clip van de week

week 44: Carry on|
week 43: Are you hiding in the closet?|
week 42: Same love|
week 41: Laat je gaan|
week 40: No day but today|
week 39: Ik was vergeten|
week 38: I’m the king of the world|
week 37: Zeg ‘t maar|
week 36: when you feel giving up is all you’ve got|
Week 35: Shake it out|
Week 34: Ik hou van mij|
Week 32-33: Be yourself!|
Week 31: We don’t even have to try|
Week 30: Can you feel it too?|
Week 29: Let me know|
Week 28: Blow me one last kiss|
Week 27: It gets better|
week 26: Zwart wit|
week 25: Love comes first|
week 24: Proost!|
week 23: Geen liedje|
week 22: It’s something unpredictable|
week 21: w.e.e.k.e.n.d.|
week 20: Leave me where i’m having fun|
week 19: It doesn’t just get better|
week 18: I don’t feel the same|
week 17: you control where you go|
week 16: The night will always win|
week 15: Who run the world?|
week 14: Everything is groovy|
week 13: Little talks|
week 12: The city|
week 11: We are young|
week 10: growing up|
week 9: New age|
week 8: Pushing me away|
week 7: Greatest love|
week 6: Don’t give up the fight|
week 5: Jij|
week 4: Girls just wanna have fun|
week 3: Als je maar gelukkig bent|
week 2: Jar of hearts|
week 1: Grote mannen grote namen|

week 52: Save my soul|
week 51: Feel so close|
week 50: Bagagedrager|
week 49: Not meant to be|
week 48: Born this way|
week 47: Mash up ‘Rumour has it/ Someone like you’|
week 46: What makes you beautiful|
week 45: The escapist|
week 44: Plage|